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January 2009
Tip of the Month

Derivation Substitution


Ever needed to trim a lot of VarChar columns?

In the Transformer stage you can effect a global change to selected output column derivation expressions.

Select the columns whose definitions you want to change, then click the right button on the mouse.  From the menu choose Derivation Substitution…

The dialog that opens allows you to modify the entire expression or some part thereof, identified by a regular expression.

For example, to apply a Trim() function to all the selected derivation expressions, type in Trim($1) in the bottom panel, then click OK.  After acknowledging that you do want to make this change, all the selected derivations will be modified and a message displayed indicating how many were changed.

To modify just the same part of a selection of derivation expressions, choose "partial" rather than whole expression, and supply a regular expression that identifies just that part of the expression to be modified.


Further Information

Server Job Developer's Guide (version 7.5) page 9-16

Parallel Job Developer's Guide (version 7.5) page 16-15

Mainframe Job Developer's Guide (version 7.5) page 15-16

Designer Help: topic "Using the Expression Substitution Dialog Box"

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