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Server to Parallel DVD

Topic: Server to Parallel

Presenter: Ray Wurlod

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If you are moving from a Server platform on DataStage, or are new to Parallel, you MUST have this DVD. Although it’s been created to assist with many of today’s Server based clients of DataStage, our new clients rave about the detail of the EE fundementals covered in this presentation. This presentation makes you feel you were in the classroom with Ray Wurlod the narrator. Included are 22 pages of labs and 3 hours of online lab assistance to complete the course.

This DVD covers over 10 hours of training instruction plus lab exercises for great depth.


This training DVD is intended to equip experienced server job developers to become acquainted with developing within the Enterprise Edition parallel paradigm.


• Parallelism principles in server and parallel jobs • Server and parallel architectures • Data Sets and File Sets • Orchestrate framework: operators and schemas • Configuration: processing nodes, node pools, resources, resource pools • Sequential files in parallel jobs • Mandatory and optional, single and multiple properties, sub-properties • Development and debug stages • Combining data: lookups and other techniques • Modifying and transitioning data • Enterprise stages for database access • Orchestrate shell (osh) • Introduction to custom stages


Designing parallel jobs is a rather different skill than designing server jobs, indeed there are some aspects of job design that need to be "unlearned" and other temptations that need to be resisted when someone moves from designing server jobs to designing parallel jobs.

This is not for beginning developers in the parallel job environment. It begins with the assumption that the attendee is familiar and competent with the server job environment; quite a few examples are based on how a parallel job solution to a particular design problem differs from a server job solution.

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