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What is SMART TS for DataStage?

Impact Analysis for DataStage


Are you running release 7 and wish you had an easy way to determine job changes without opening every one of your jobs in every one of your projects?


Smart TS 4 DS can help.


Are you running release 8 and wish you could understand Impact Analysis on sources outside your DataStage environment?  Or do you want to know how to migrate from 7 to 8 without a complete re-write?


Smart TS 4 DS has the answer!

Is getting your arms around SAP (ABAP source code) got you down?  Wish you had on place to go to find Metadata for the Enterprise?

Smart TS 4 DS now has a solution.

Strategies4Data understands your problems and with technology from Smart TS, has developed a version that empowers medium and large DataStage shops. Are you spending too many dollars asking consultants to deliver impact related questions, when the answers are just seconds away?  Come join us for this 30 minute discussion and demo on this revolutionary product application of MAINFRAME technology as it is applied to help any DataStage experience, no matter what release you are running today.

is a web Based, simple to use, lightning fast, “GOOGLE” like search and analysis tool for DataStage installations.  Smart TS 4 DS can process billions of lines of code in a matter of seconds.

Smart TS 4 DS is a search & analysis tool that works with both state of the art and legacy systems.  IN-COM Data Systems architected Smart TS 4 DS using patented technology to run on cost effective server platforms.  By off loading the workload from the more expensive environments, you are able to extend the life of your development environment freeing it up for mission critical production processing.

Smart TS 4 DS quickly discovers, traces, links and then graphically displays each and every relationship within your applications.  For the first time, in one place, you can see all of the links from disparate repositories and IT assets such as COBOL, RPG, Natural, PL1, DB2, VSAM, DDL, DDS, CICS, MAPs, JCL, CL, Focus, CLISTS, REXX, I5 Screen Definition Files, I5 Print Definition Files, as well as text files including job documentation, Visio, e-mail and more.  Company wide relationships are revealed via color-coded graphics with drill down capability.

Smart TS 4 DS affords visibility into how your applications and IT assets are inter-connected, whether third party packaged software or in-house written systems. With this cost-effective tool, scoping, impact analyst, and search times are greatly reduced, helping to keep your projects ahead of schedule and within budget.

Use Smart TS 4 DS to calculate resource requirements and time estimates during the analysis phase.  During budget periods where scoping is required to determine which projects can be accomplished, Smart TS 4 DS can provide fast and accurate estimates to allow management to effectively manage business user requirements.  With this impact analysis your IT organization becomes the cornerstone for faster time to market.


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Based in Arlington, TX, Strategies4Data, Inc. is a Distributor for emerging technology Software Developers within the Data Integration marketplace. As a recognized expert in helping Business Partners to cost-effectively locate complementary emerging technology solutions, Strategies4Data expands Software Developers sales channels and distribution reach through strategic business partnerships. Strategies4Data offers comprehensive services aimed at establishing business partnerships with industry leading independent software consultants and resellers. These services include technology solution research, strategic planning, marketing assistance, personnel training and ongoing service and support. For over 10 years, Strategies4Data has focused exclusively on helping their Business Partners assist their clients become more productive and efficient using their existing data as an asset. Through the use of best-of-breed technologies, Strategies4Data helps their Business Partners manage their clients business processes in a more efficient and productive way.