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DataStage Fundamentals Enterprise Edition

DataStage Fundamentals
Enterprise Edition

Duration: Four days


Having completed this class the student will be able to:

  • use DataStage tools to construct ETL tasks using DataStage parallel jobs
  • compile and execute those tasks
  • construct a hierarchy of control for those tasks


  • Beginning DataStage - What DataStage is, how it works, what it is not
  • Architectures - Design-time, compile-time and run-time
  • Developer's Toolkit - Introduction to the client tools that a developer uses
  • Parallelism Concepts - pipeline and partition parallelism and how each is implemented in parallel jobs
  • Configuration - how parallel execution is controlled
  • Repository Manager - metadata creation, import, export and management
  • Creating a Job - standard, structured technique for constructing a DataStage job
  • Designer - editing jobs, job parameters, stages, links and their properties
  • Data Sets and File Sets - parallel data storage; creation, use and management
  • Director - execution and inspection/review tool
  • Sequential Files - processing data in text files of various kinds
  • Combining Data - horizontal combination (lookup, join, merge, funnel) and vertical combination (aggregation)
  • Transforming Data - Modify and Transformer stage types
  • Accessing Tables - Enterprise, API and bulk loader stage types
  • Job Sequences - using a GUI to construct control hierarchies