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Join a community of over 27,000 of your fellow Data Integration peers in searching over 225,000 articles within over 42,000 posts related to best practices and the sharing of knowledge about the products and strategies that surround the IBM® InfoSphere Product Suite, featuring DataStage®.

Standard Membership Benefits:


  • Ask questions and receive multiple answers with various approaches to solving problems from peers and industry experts including our own DSXperts.
  • Participate in interactive technical exchanges with forum members.
  • Find and research local and regional User Group information. If there is not a user group in your area, use the vast resources of the DSXchange forum to assist in forming a new group.
  • Post your technical qualifications for hundreds of Global 2000 companies to view. (Additional fee required)
  • As a collective technical community, become instrumental in communicating to IBM about product enhancements and future product direction suggestions: Vote in frequent polls with results being forwarded to IBM.

Please note: Standard Members are unable to view complete content from Premium Posters (see Premium Member Benefits for more detail).

Premium Membership Benefits:

Premium Members receive all of the benefits of Standard Membership plus:

Full access to Premium Posters content:

Premium Posters' full content is available only to Premium Members. Standard Members will only have access to the first 10 to 15 words of Premium Posters content. DSXchange Premium Posters consist of consultants and developers with numerous years of experience that have distinguished themselves as experts in the field. Premium Posters are a formidable source for knowledge and advice and are all dedicated to the ongoing success of the DSXchange community. An updated list of the DSXchange Premium Posters can be obtained from the Membership Director at

Full access to the Learning Center:

The DSXchange Learning Center provides Premium Members a wealth of knowledge from leading experts within the Data Integration marketplace. Content includes streaming on demand video, white papers, tips and tricks and much more. (Both free and fee based content available)

Election to the DSXchange Board of Advisors:

The DSXchange Board of Advisors is a volunteer group of professionals, dedicated to the betterment of the DSXchange. The seven member Board of Advisors consists of six elected members and one permanent member. Board of Advisor members serve a term of one year, with elections held each year in November. Premium Members, in good standing, whose actions have contributed to the growth and increased knowledge base of the DSXchange have an opportunity to be elected to the Board of Advisors.

In addition to the many benefits of becoming a Premium Member such as the Learning Center and premium content from Premium Posters to name a few, we will constantly be adding new content areas that will only be available to Premium Members.

Any questions about these benefits or questions regarding either Standard or Premium membership plus any suggestions as to future enhancements or added content to the DSXchange, should be forwarded to the Membership Director at