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Ray Wurlod

Ray is a self-employed trainer and consultant for the IBM DataStage®, IBM UniVerse and IBM Red Brick Warehouse and DataStage® XE suites of products.

Ray has taught advanced classes in the USA, the UK and Germany, and has been used frequently as a training consultant by IBM to conduct advanced in-house training classes. Additionally, Ray has presented training classes in almost every country in the Asia-Pacific region, and has been involved in technical presentations and implementations throughout the region.

Ray joined Prime Computer of Australia in 1986. He later joined VMARK Software (original developers of DataStage®) after Prime Computer sold its database businesses to VMARK. Ray’s principal role with VMARK, and subsequently with Ardent, Informix and IBM was as a DataStage® trainer, but was also actively involved in technical support. While with VMARK and Ardent he was actively involved in the development of DataStage®, creating a complete training curriculum for use in the Asia-Pacific region. He has also developed training curriculum and train-the-trainer programs for the UniVerse® RDBMS, including its NLS (national language support) implementation. When Ardent sold its database businesses to Informix Software, Ray continued his involvement in Data Warehouse technology by becoming expert with the Red Brick Warehouse product; a database designed specifically for Data Warehouse (star schema) implementations.

When Informix was acquired by IBM Ray continued his concentration on training, while additionally focusing on Data Warehousing applications.

Ray Daignault

Raymond has been working with Datastage since August of 1997. This is also when Datastage version 1.0 was released by Ardent Software.  Working for the vendor, Raymond has extensive experience with both the Enterprise Edition of Datastage as well as the Server version. Raymond recently received IBM internal training for installation and development using the Release 8 version of Information Integration Services.  Raymond has been both a Consultant and PreSales engineer for Ascential working with Datastage.

Prior to his Datastage experience, Raymond was a Presales Engineer for the UniVerse and Unidata product set with VMark in Australia.  Raymond was instrumental in the development of the extensions for using the UniVerse database in a multinational environment. Raymond was the Engineer to work with NLS (National Language Support) in South Korea, China, Thailand, and Malaysia.  Raymond was also the Unix Administrator for all internal systems in Australia and was certified as a Windows 2000 Engineer.

Raymond has extensive application development experience in Financial, HR, CRM, and many vertical applications such as LTL Trucking, Retail, Medical, Banking/Credit Union, as well as Data Warehousing.

Craig Hulett


Craig started working with DataStage in 1998, starting with the 3.0 release as an employee of a large auto insurance company who chose it over five other competitors. While there he attended both Ardent and Informix led training classes and was instrumental in leading the team using the tool in both the support of their online processing system and feeds from/to the legacy system behind it. It was during that time that he joined DSXchange, first looking for help and then helping others as well.


In 2003 he founded Hulett Consulting and has been involved in several large data warehousing projects, most recently leading a team interfacing several legacy systems supporting directory publishers and content providers with an Oracle data store built to syndicate content to Internet search engines like DexKnows, Google and Yahoo. That effort gave him the chance to learn XML and how to generate large quantities of it with DataStage and also to build several complex web services with the RTI/SOA edition of the tool. He has mentored a number of DataStage developers who have since gone off and been very successful on their own.


Prior to working with DataStage he spent time doing 4GL programming with Informix and Progess, a stint as an Oracle database administrator, some data modeling and before all that more COBOL application development then he’d care to admit. He has extensive experience in the Collections, Insurance, Accounting, Security / Monitoring and Publishing industries. Craig was born and raised in Southern California but has been a Colorado native since 1992.