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The DSXchange Learning Center
is the education and training division of DSXchange. We provide DVD, Webinar and On-site training for the products included in the IBM InfoSphere Product Suite, featuring DataStage. DSXchange members receive substantial discounts on training courses. The Learning Center provides additional education within the White Papers, Tips and Tricks and Technical Resources Sections.

Consultants and developers within the Data Integration marketplace are lifelong learners and very busy people. Technology within this space is extremely complex and constantly changing. To address these challenges, the DSXchange Learning Center has developed a series of DVD, Webinar and On-site training courses. The DSXchange Learning Center wants to be your single source for DataStage DVD, Webinar and On-site training within the Data Integration marketplace.

 Save thousands on annual training expenses.

 Improve the productivity of your development team.

DVD Training:

DSXchange provides a wide variety of learning experiences, based on carefully constructed sessions that help consultants and developers learn and retain more each time they view the material. The expanding list of available DVD's is based on what our users have requested, as well as the introduction of new products and strategies from IBM.


Webinar Training:

DSXchange presents the "Luncheon Webinar Series". The LWS delivers education geared to the current trends of internet learning. While many of our LWS are delivered to the membership at no-charge, thanks to the generousity of our Sponsors, we also plan to deliver several high level training programs at affordable, per occurence pricing. Watch your email for the next event. 


On-site Training:

On-site training classes range from formal classroom settings with pre-set agendas, to custom training classes using standard course material as the foundation modified to fit specific needs and goals. Additionally, we provide real-time mentoring programs for specialized projects, where standard classes are unavailable. 


White Papers:

DSXchange branded versions of best practices and new ideas about the latest products and strategies from IBM. They contain facts relevant to each topic as well as DSXperts opinions based on real life situations.


Tips and Tricks:

These helpful topics cover many techniques of working smarter and more efficiently with the IBM InfoSphere product family. Delivered monthly by email, they represent DSXperts advice and shortcuts, based on years of field experience.


Technical Resources:

Direct from the libraries of IBM are specific collateral to be used and shared when necessary. Sometimes used to help explain to Project Management capacities and strategies within the growing number of products from IBM.