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DataStage Job Sequences

Topic: DataStage Job Sequences

Presenter: Ray Wurlod

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Job sequences provide a mechanism for creating control hierarchies using the DataStage graphical user interface and paradigm.  This presentation takes you through the various components available to use in DataStage job sequences, how to construct and compile them, how to detect and handle errors, automatic restart capability, and provides examples of how a number of tasks, such as initializing a key value, reading data from a file or processing a list of file names, are done.


3 hours approximately


This presentation is intended for DataStage developers who have attended a training class such as IBM’s DataStage Essentials and who seek to know more about how to create job sequences to effect control of how a set of DataStage jobs, routines and operating system commands is executed.


Having completed this module you will be able:

·         to create and compile job sequences that fulfil a given requirement

·         to construct a hierarchy of control of job sequences

·         to implement error detection and handling in job sequences


1.       Introduction

2.       Activities and Triggers

3.       Essential Activities

4.       "Programming" Activities

5.       Error Detection and Handling

6.       Examples

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