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Topic: DataStage BASIC

Presenter: Ray Wurlod

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Master Programming with DataStage BASIC. The techniques mastered here will help developers not only within DataStage Server shops, looking to maximize their overall server performance (potentially saving them the trip to purchasing Parallel Edition EE) as well as EE customers. EE customers in Release 7 and 8 will continue scripting in Basic for sequencers which are completely based in this original language format. BRAND NEW 8 customers who haven’t had any exposure to basic will especially find this course critical to you library of knowledge.

15 Chapters, over 11 hours in length.

Having completed this training the student will be able to:

• construct and validate DataStage BASIC expressions (using the Expression Editor where relevant) • provide parameter or argument values in job sequences • exert flow control decisions in job sequences • implement custom triggers in job sequences • constrain output links in BASIC Transformer stages • derive output column values in BASIC Transformer stages • initialize and derive BASIC Transformer stage variables • create, compile, test and troubleshoot routines that can be invoked from expressions or from job sequences • create before/after subroutines that can be invoked from server jobs and their active stages


• Introduction to the Language • Expression Editor • Expression Elements • Character Strings • Dynamic Arrays • Dates and Times • Comparison and Boolean Expressions • Routines: Programming Constructs • Transform Functions • Before/After Subroutines • Job Control Routines • Hashed File I/O • Sequential File I/O • Troubleshooting Techniques • DataStage API • BASIC SQL Client Interface

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