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Change Detection

Topic: DataStage Change Detection

Presenter: Ray Wurlod

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This presentation covers the various ways in which change detection can be performed within both parallel and server DataStage jobs. It begins by showing parallel job stage types that perform change detection then reviews the Slowly Changing Dimension stage that was introduced in version 8.0. It concludes by showing how change detection can be performed in server jobs.


1 hour approximately.


This presentation is intended for DataStage developers who have attended a training class such as IBM's DataStage Essentials and who seek to know more about how to select the most appropriate stage type for performing change detection tasks.


Having completed this module you will be able:

  • to differentiate between parallel job change detection stage types
  • to implementent change detection techniques in DataStage jobs

  1. The Problem
  2. Change Detection Stage Types
  3. Change Capture and Difference
  4. Compare
  5. Slowly Changing Dimension
  6. Change detection in server jobs

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