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To Our Corporate Members:

As the editor and owner of the DSXchange.com Forum and DSXchange.net Member Portal, I am reaching out to our corporate members for your help. You are an important part of the 28,000 members who have depended on the DSXchange for answers over the last 8 years.  Our collective body of questions posed and solutions given is offered to any member for free. Even our Tips and Tricks come to those that sign up, at no charge. Nowhere else is so much valuable information available for such a wide variety of situations and circumstances.  For those who have stepped up to pay our yearly fee as a Premium member, we appreciate your vote of confidence with your check book.  
The help I need is ultimately going to help you as well.  Whether you are either a consultant or employee,  you are working for a company that has spent considerable money to get a solution with the DataStage family of products. What we want is to convert this body of knowledge and contributions into a world class location for information, learning and assistance about all the Infosphere branded products and strategies, including IBM's Cognos brand as well. We want to do this and remain INDEPENDENT from the control of the manufacturer.  In order to fund this, we need corporate license holders to step up and share in the true cost of providing this support while receiving a huge value in return.
The DSXchange.com forum has outlasted every training forum provided for by the vendor, Ardent, Ascential or even IBM.
It is our intent to convert the forum to an all Premium Member Only site. We will also begin monitoring Premium usage to a one for one access.  Before doing that, we want the corporations that benefit to have a chance to invest in their IT staffs access to this valuable information.  That's where you come in.  I need to reach decision makers who understand the value of this access. You know who that is in your organization, or know the manager that does and
we don't.
As we did when we first launched Premium memberships, we offered a Charter member program to the first 500 members at a substantial discount. With the Corporate License Program the first 50 companies (out of 100s) will enjoy tremendous discounts for our Corporate Program
 and premium memberships for every one in their company.
You are an important part of our strategy. Your team is also very important. Your manager is important.  Help us reach that level of management that will understand how we can help you help us help them.  Click here
to enter your managers contact information.  Please check the box to indicate if you want to be recognized, remain anonymous or have us contact you first.
Help us make this better for everyone!

Sincerely, Dennis C. James
Editor and Founder

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